An Evangelistic Bible Study:
Discovering God Together

A seven-part, one-on-one, evangelistic Bible study, including a full video equipping course to prepare you to teach the study to your LDS friends and family.

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Our goal is to equip you to effectively share the gospel with your LDS friends.

Bible Study Characteristics

Firm Truth, Gracious Tone

  • Theologically rich and biblically true
  • Gracious and warm tone
  • Accessible on any interent-connected device
  • Polished and appealing design
  • Key Bible references
  • Relevant LDS scripture animations
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What’s Included in
Discovering God Together?

Digital Bible Study

1 Digital Bible Study

A seven-part multimedia Bible study accessible from any device with an internet connection.

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Video Equipping Course

2 Video Equipping Course

Our extensive video course prepares you, the born-again Christian, to teach through Discovering God Together.

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Bible Study Content

What Does the Study Teach?

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