A little history


Our curriculum is the work of faithful pastors in the state of Utah. Our intention is to equip born-again believers with the tools they need to share their faith with their LDS friends and neighbors.

Ira Ransom, the curriculum’s inspiration, served for decades as a pastor. In the 1970s, Ira began developing what he called the Visualized Witnessing Notebook. He skillfully combined a superlative understanding of LDS culture with a simple, yet comprehensive gospel-presentation for Latter-day Saints. We have yet to find a resource that so thoroughly understands the LDS mind. Nothing approaches Ira’s clarity and kindness. 
As time passed, however, the technological and visual revolution outran the curriculum he created.

Ira passed away in 2016 and those of us who loved him sought for a way to honor and forward his legacy. This curriculum attempts to take the core of Ira’s Notebook and put it into 21st century graphic-design in six easy-to-follow, individually-packaged lessons.

It is in the process of being tested, edited, retested and re-edited many times over. Our goal has been to create a curriculum that any born-again Christian can effectively use in a one-on-one Bible study with an LDS friend. If we do it right, preparation should land somewhere between sixty and ninety minutes per lesson.

To accomplish these goals, we’ve created two resources to be used in tandem:

  • Six student editions: presentations which you will show to your LDS friend
  • Six teacher editions: background information and guidance for your preparation

Our goal is to produce a curriculum that is:

  • accessible to every Christian, not just to pastors or mature believers
  • full of the gentleness and respect befitting the gospel
  • constructive, not merely deconstructive

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