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The Spreading Word Getting Behind God’s Remarkable Blessing

Join us for a free one-day evangelism seminar in St. George, Utah.


Real-life Questions. Real-life Answers.

Greg Baker

Greg Baker

Sego Lily President

About the Seminar

Pastors throughout Utah are reporting remarkable stories of God’s grace in the lives of Latter-day Saints. “Simply unprecedented” is how one veteran church-planter described the scene in his church.

Faithful workers have sown gospel seeds for decades—perhaps God is granting a harvest. How can you get behind God’s gospel work in Utah? What role might you play? How can you transform excitement into effective ministry?

Please join us for a half-day seminar as we try to answer those questions both biblically and practically. You’ll be challenged by the Word of God and encouraged by the fellowship of other believers from across the state. The material will be entirely new from previous seminars!

The conference is free. We ask only that you register ahead of time so preparations can be made. We hope to see you at The Spreading Word.

Practical Evangelism Training

Seminar Details

  • Christ-centered evangelism training
  • Practical strategies for unscripted faith-talk
  • Proven advice from experienced pastors
  • Fellowship with born-again Christians
  • Free! (donations are accepted)
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Seminar Schedule


Lessons of God’s Word in an Unlikely Place

In first-century Ephesus, a place that shares so many parallels to modern-day Utah, we find God’s inspired guidance for growing His prevailing Word.


Split Q/A Sessions

We will host two Q/A sessions: one on dealing with LDS family challenges and another on learning to engage with our LDS communities.


Learning to Proclaim the Unsearchable Riches of Christ

Christians must learn to appeal to Christ’s riches rather than to LDS failures.


Practicing What We’ve Preached: Role Play

In this session, we’ll show you how anybody can get a faith conversation started.



Other Seminar Details

  • Light refreshments included
  • Designed for born-again Christians
  • The Sego Lily Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3)

Hosted by Westside Baptist Church

St. George, Utah

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